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Оксана Мась. Художница .Инсталляция.Мозаика. Расписанные яйца из 47 стран мира." Алтарь нации" Высота-12 м.ширина 50 м. (приблизительно)

Kiev Ukraine

On May 11, on Friday, at 20.00 with support of the Ministry of culture and the Kiev city public administration on Sofiyskaya Square in the center of Kiev will pass opening of grandiose art installation «Altar of the nations». The museum of a historical cultural heritage "Platar" acted as the accomplice of the project.
The audience impressing action with use sound and light-installations accompanied by the winner of Lysenko award expects National ensemble of soloists of Ukraine «Kiev camerata» under the direction of the National actor of Ukraine Valery Matiukhin.
The installation height in Kiev will make 22 meters, and width of 38 meters. The composition will consist of 15 fragments. And it only a part of the work conceived by the artist. Complete work will represent large-scale art object from 302 panels, the general size 92 ?134 meter.
Fragments of an altar will be established on central squares of the largest cities of Ukraine.
According to the artist, and this work will try to understand everyone who will want, soul and outlook transformation waits.

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11 мая 2012 г Киев

Kiev Ukraine

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