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Избирательный участок для лиц без регистрации на набережной Обводного канала 177, Спб.

"Democratic elections in Russia- is nonsense and bullshit. Officials with soviet thick-skinned faces are caught by hand- they gave on the ballot pens with disappearing ink !?! Sounds absurd, but true. The girls who bought "absentee ballots" (votes) for 500 rubles is caught by hand too. These are examples of thousand incidents. All of them are from a main party of "mr.president". I think I'm in a horror movie... Your Ka Valerka"

-- из письма избирательницы.

1 [рейтинг: -15] Проголосовало: 7
4.12.12 Спб

2 [рейтинг: -18] Проголосовало: 6

3 [рейтинг: -18] Проголосовало: 6

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